Definition of National Socialist in US English:

National Socialist


  • See National Socialism

    • ‘This was followed by the refusal of the SPD to fight alongside the communists against Hitler and the National Socialists.’
    • ‘Many of these authors, however, go on to claim that, despite her dubious relations with the National Socialists, it is a mistake to assume that such considerations affected her art.’
    • ‘But in the course of the 1930s, the National Socialists entirely ceased to use the term, claiming that it failed to comprehend the dynamism of National Socialism and its racism.’
    • ‘He was a principled man, who wrote a letter to Goebbels of Nazi Germany after he had stated in a speech that he wished for a National Socialist Potemkin.’
    • ‘Its leading member, Hans Krüger, a former member of the National Socialists, participated in Hitler's attempted putsch in Munich in 1923.’