Definition of national forest in US English:

national forest


  • A large expanse of forest that is owned, maintained, and preserved by the federal government.

    • ‘And these new policies will guide national forest management for a long time beyond this administration.’
    • ‘Many timber industry officials believe the appeals process has been corrupted by a vocal minority of environmental extremists who oppose any national forest management.’
    • ‘And national forest decision-makers, who were being trained in the same tradition as private foresters, worked under the same assumptions.’
    • ‘Forty million acres is exactly half the total acreage of our entire national park system, and about one-fifth of our national forest system.’
    • ‘Never mind that one half of our national forest system has already been developed by commercial interests.’
    • ‘The West has most of the land still owned by the federal government, including a host of national forests, parks, monuments, and grasslands.’
    • ‘By any name, the changes hold promise - for the forests and for the communities surrounded by national forests.’
    • ‘Many laws and policies guide national forest management.’
    • ‘Controlled burning and tree thinning may help, rather than hinder, the protection of the national forests by preventing the buildup of fuel in the forest cover.’
    • ‘In winter the buffalo often migrate down out of the deep snows of Yellowstone onto national forest lands in search of forage.’
    • ‘This moratorium expires at the end of September, and conservationists are hoping that its replacement will prohibit all destructive activities in all national forest roadless areas.’
    • ‘Based on our policy agenda for ecosystem restoration and maintenance, we agreed that national forest roadless areas needed greater protection.’
    • ‘She was charged with setting fire to timber in the national forest, damaging federal property and making false statements to investigators.’
    • ‘In response, the conservationist movement lobbied to organize a system of national forests, parks, and monuments that could be preserved for all.’
    • ‘Prompting the lawsuit was a leaked agency draft of new regulations being considered for national forest planning.’
    • ‘Public holdings, including three national forests and the nation's largest forest system, account for 6.5 million acres.’
    • ‘The first decision to be made was whether to create a national park, favored by preservationists, or a national forest, favored by conservationists.’
    • ‘Our national forests have been overlogged, but many private forest holdings have been almost liquidated.’
    • ‘For example, a policy that opens national forests to destructive logging of old-growth trees is labeled Healthy Forest Initiative.’
    • ‘Our forests, especially our national forests, are to be jealously guarded by their absentee landlords: the nation's taxpayers and future taxpayers.’