Definition of National Football League in English:

National Football League

(also NFL)


  • The major professional football league in the US, consisting of the National and American football conferences and totaling thirty-one teams.

    • ‘He also owns the National Football League's Houston Texans.’
    • ‘He is a star running back for the National Football League's New York Jets.’
    • ‘He is a quarterback for the National Football League's Minnesota Vikings.’
    • ‘He said a city that can attract a National Football League franchise and a Super Bowl should be able to resolve issues concerning race.’
    • ‘Androstenedione has been banned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the International Olympic Committee and the National Football League.’
    • ‘But the National Football League isn't just football.’
    • ‘When your horse is named after a National Football League Hall of Fame linebacker, it's only appropriate that you use football metaphors to describe him any time the opportunity arises.’
    • ‘So are Major League Baseball and the National Football League.’
    • ‘Metropolitan Kansas City hosts an American League baseball team, The Royals, and the National Football League's Chiefs.’
    • ‘He is also a member of the National Football League Alumni Association.’
    • ‘For instance, the Chicago Bears running back set a National Football League record when he scored 22 touchdowns in 14 games in 1965.’
    • ‘George had played football for a semi-pro team associated with a National Football League team.’
    • ‘He's got a National Football League team, in an American's perspective, that's the top of Everest, why would you want anything more than that?’
    • ‘You try to bring romance, poetry, even drama to the table and, sooner or later, it's overpowered by the sheer tonnage of dollars and cents involved in making the National Football League the media leviathan it has become.’