Definition of NASCAR Dad in English:


(also Nascar Dad)


  • A representative of a demographic category: a blue-collar, high school-educated father with relatively conservative values but without predictable political affiliation.

    • ‘That's a message that the NASCAR Dads who are so turned off by his plummy elitism will respond to.’
    • ‘Evidence abounds that, at the very least, he is as inclined as any NASCAR Dad to divide the world into worthy and unworthy victims.’
    • ‘Forty-five million strong, these men - dubbed NASCAR Dads by the skeptical liberal media - have been among his most dependable supporters.’
    • ‘First there were Angry White Males, then Soccer Moms, then Office Park Dads, and now NASCAR Dads.’
    • ‘So now she is arguing they will never win the White House unless they begin to reach out to the massive voting group she has dubbed the NASCAR Dads.’


Early 21st century: from the popularity of stock car racing with white, working-class men.