Definition of narc in English:


(NZ, British, Australian nark)


North American
  • A federal agent or police officer who enforces the laws regarding illicit sale or use of drugs and narcotics.

    • ‘Les knew enough to be cautious, he sure as hell didn't want to wind up talking to a narc. or an undercover cop.’
    • ‘It would take a mind working on a very different level to consider the sentence being for four sales of pot to an undercover narc at an area high school.’
    • ‘When I heard about it I assumed the narcs had taken him to the methadone clinic on North Avenue.’
    • ‘I could sense there were narcs in the cinema, but I felt safe with my attorney close by, ready to swing his gorilla fists into action at the slightest provocation.’
    • ‘Lab busts have soared since last fall when Wright, a former narc, took over the county's 13-man drug task force.’
    • ‘‘I'll bet they have us pegged as narcs,’ he laughs, crushing a cigarette butt under his shoe.’
    • ‘They produced pictures of the target, his whole history as a nark, and audiotapes of his last info deals.’
    • ‘Other than myself, only 5 members of the community, those who are regulars here, know the narc's true identity.’
    • ‘Alas, that isn't the basis for the movie, which features a narc who doesn't realize he's informing on himself.’
    • ‘On the reserve, trying to get a retailer's take on the switch to cheap contraband smokes was tantamount to being spotted as a narc.’
    • ‘Just as he finished his sentence, about five other police cars including a narc car rolled up all crazy.’
    • ‘Compared with the way everybody was dressed Gary and I must have looked like a couple of narcs.’
    • ‘Then rules were brought in to allow the narcs to keep much of the money they found, until eventually they relied on asset seizures to keep them in a job the following year.’
    • ‘The issue of narcs actually getting addicted themselves is another aspect of the film which mirrors real life.’
    police officer, policeman, policewoman, pc, wpc, officer of the law, detective, dc
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1960s: abbreviation of narcotic.