Definition of nanostructure in US English:



  • A structure, especially a semiconductor device, that has dimensions of only a few nanometers.

    • ‘The protofibrils can adopt two different nanostructures, i.e., the globular aggregates and the filaments.’
    • ‘The nanostructure reveals paired smaller fibrils that appear in optical microscopy as a single fibril.’
    • ‘Color production from many superficial diffraction gratings can also be understood as coherent scattering from a crystal-like nanostructure restricted to the surface of the organism.’
    • ‘The number of observed nanostructures reduces when the concentration is below 0.1 mg/ml.’
    • ‘Our group has recently been developing synthetic nanostructures as fluorescent biosensors to be used with fiber-optic probes for cancer diagnosis and treatment.’
    • ‘Subsequently, we have developed a two-dimensional Fourier analysis tool for the study of coherent light scattering by biological nanostructures.’
    • ‘The combination of the tightly bound micelle nanostructures and the microscale globules is what gives the silk its strength.’
    • ‘The conference will feature topics like chemistry on a chip, nanoparticles & biology, and organic nanostructures.’
    • ‘To test the nanostructure's potential as a biosensor and antimicrobial, the authors conducted studies using the water-based nanotubes.’
    • ‘Incompatibilities among physical methods create obstacles to the analysis of the evolution of nanostructures among the structural classes.’
    • ‘Other porphyrin nanostructures such as nanofibers and rectangular cross-section nanotubes have been made and can also be used in the fabrication of nanodevices.’
    • ‘Research will focus on projects in fuel cell research, magnetic nanostructures, smart coatings, semiconductor quantum dots and biomedical research.’