Definition of nanopore in US English:



  • A pore or cavity with dimensions of only a few nanometers.

    ‘the silica layers had created a vast warren of nanopores, forming a sponge that soaked up any surface water instantly’
    • ‘Combining a nanopore with an active voltage control technique permits the detection of hundreds of individual DNA or RNA molecules in a time-efficient manner.’
    • ‘Currently, creating a nanopore by the standard scanning tunneling microscopy techniques requires vacuum chambers and expensive equipment.’
    • ‘We have recently developed a method that allows us to rapidly change the electric field applied across the nanopore during the passage of the polynucleotide.’
    • ‘A typical simulated system included a patch of a silicon nitride membrane dividing water solution of potassium chloride into two compartments connected by the nanopore.’
    • ‘They developed a new way to sequence single-stranded DNA by running it through a protein nanopore.’
    • ‘To accelerate events that normally could take milliseconds, like the permeation of a nanopore by a DNA segment, most of the MD simulations were performed at a higher applied voltage.’
    • ‘This group will pursue a novel approach in which a nanopore is used to simultaneously detect electrical and fluorescent signals from many nanopores at one time.’
    • ‘A nanopore can also be used to discriminate the length of a polymer.’
    • ‘Single molecules of DNA are drawn through a small channel or nanopore that functions as a sensitive detector.’
    • ‘A single nanopore separates two compartments filled with salt buffer and connected to Ag-AgCl electrodes.’