Definition of nanomaterial in US English:



  • A material having particles or constituents of nanoscale dimensions, or one that is produced by nanotechnology.

    • ‘Thus, each nanomaterial may behave differently.’
    • ‘A biofunctional nanomaterial can be a biosurface one.’
    • ‘To transform the ammonia borane to a nanomaterial, scientists dissolve the solid compound in a solvent and then add the solution to the mesoporous support material.’
    • ‘Researchers picked fullerenes, molecules composed of 60 carbon atoms, as their model carbon-based nanomaterial.’
    • ‘By the time it's in a coating, it no longer exists as a nanomaterial.’
    • ‘Today nanomaterial is built from a macro to a micro scale.’
    • ‘A biofunctional nanomaterial is one with nanometric dimensions and that biofunctions in order to fulfil a biological function.’
    • ‘The normal operations risks associated with plastics and petroleum refining were greater than those for any nanomaterial.’
    • ‘The objective of the project is to demonstrate that quantum dots can be used to produce an improved thermoelectric nanomaterial by engineering thermal and electronic properties to achieve increased fficiencies.’
    • ‘The company will work to develop an advanced thermoelectric nanomaterial that, because of its improved efficiencies, could offer significant cost and performance benefits for both military and commercial applications.’
    • ‘In composites, nanomaterials can improve the strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties of materials.’
    • ‘This nanomaterial imitates the external wrapping of the AIDS virus and it can potentially be used to inhibit its entering the cell.’