Definition of nanodiamond in US English:



  • A diamond particle with dimensions of only a few nanometers.

    ‘you can't actually see them, because at roughly five nanometers long, nanodiamonds are invisible to the naked eye’
    • ‘In 1987, microscopically small fragments of diamond, called "nanodiamonds," were recovered from meteorites that predate the solar system.’
    • ‘This vial contains about 60 quintillion (6 followed by 16 zeros) of these "nanodiamonds.".’
    • ‘The nanodiamonds would have to be produced near the quasar itself.’
    • ‘The microscopic nanodiamonds in Allende consist of roughly 1,000 carbon atoms each.’
    • ‘Single nanodiamonds are forged in an explosion of TNT, the explosive hexogen, and water.’
    • ‘He confirms, however, that nanodiamonds may one day prove important for technological applications.’
    • ‘Older than our Sun, those objects contain nanodiamonds that are remnants of the ISM.’
    • ‘To test whether such structures could exist in the real world, the team purchased a batch of nanodiamonds that had been created with high explosives and hit the particles with x rays.’
    • ‘Raty and his colleagues calculated that quantum confinement doesn't exist in nanodiamonds, even down to sizes as small as two nanometers across.’