Definition of nanobot in US English:



  • A hypothetical, very small, self-propelled machine, especially one that has some degree of autonomy and can reproduce.

    • ‘But before nanobots become practical more conventional miniaturized robots will do a lot of repair work.’
    • ‘The day may come - soon - when the nanobots are making our Caesar salad from molecular scratch and robots are swaddling our infants.’
    • ‘Some feared nanomachines might convert every atom on the planet into more nanobots, leaving the entire world made of small machines.’
    • ‘Certainly some of the nanoparticle-based technologies are near term, but nanobots that whip through our blood stream, diagnosing and curing disease?’
    • ‘Specifically, robots, engineered organisms, and nanobots share a dangerous amplifying factor: they can self-replicate.’
    • ‘‘One response is not to want to be enhanced,’ he says, ‘not to have nanobots.’’
    • ‘The fear that nanobots might turn the world into mush is known in the trade as the ‘gray goo problem,’ the apocalyptic scenario at the heart of Crichton's novel.’
    • ‘When asked about the ‘hype,’ this expert claims that all the hype is around nanobots - which no one is seriously working on.’
    • ‘The idea of Drexler's nanobots is indeed a cool one.’
    • ‘For instance, so-called nanobots could be programmed to attack and reconstruct the cells of cancer patients or perform surgeries a thousand times more precise than currently possible.’
    • ‘Can't we just use nanobots to eat the cell's walls?’
    • ‘The blade itself is stored in the hilt and is made of a hive of specialist nanobots, tiny robots that link to form a one and a half to two metre blade.’
    • ‘There are nanobots inside the capsule; tiny microscopic machines that will repair your cybernetics.’
    • ‘Organizations, including governments, extremist groups or even a clever individual, could put trillions of undetectable nanobots in the water or food supply of an entire population.’
    • ‘Jump ahead another two decades and we'll flood our brains with nanobots that will serve as even more sophisticated communicators and memory banks.’
    • ‘The concern that has generated the most attention in the popular press has been gray goo - selfreplicating nanobots that could hypothetically get out of control.’
    • ‘The guidelines forbid the creation of nanobots capable of ‘replication in a natural, uncontrolled environment,’ and provide several other principles for nanotechnologists.’
    • ‘He envisions a scary scenario straight out of H G Wells or Star Wars, in which trillions of self-reproducing nanobots would take on a life of their own and reduce our planet to a massive lump of ‘grey goo’.’
    • ‘The skin was parted by the nanobots to reveal the GPS's screen beneath the surface.’
    • ‘Each one is like a little factory, see, and when it comes in contact with matter, it converts that matter into more nanobots - which convert more matter into more nanobots.’