Definition of nan in English:


(also naan)


  • (in Indian cooking) a type of leavened bread, typically of teardrop shape and traditionally cooked in a clay oven.

    • ‘I liked the look of the mushroom balti, which came with wild rice, two small garlic naan breads and salad.’
    • ‘However, there is no need to feel let down, for our naan, roti, parathas and chapattis are a form of bread too.’
    • ‘A variety of unleavened breads like naans, rotis, and parathas are also widely eaten.’
    • ‘Sam's stew came with salad, a naan bread and mango chutney - in small, but-perfectly-formed portions, given this was a light lunch, not an evening blow-out.’
    • ‘Roti is a flat bread, similar to the Indian naan, that is filled with curried beef, chicken, lamb, and beef, and cooked vegetables.’
    • ‘Pilau rice and garlic naan bread gave us something to mop it all up with.’
    • ‘The naan breads in particular were lovely and light and fluffy.’
    • ‘The sag aloo was excellent, the potato chunks moist and tender, and the naan bread was fine.’
    • ‘We would be surprised if a writer covered Parisian restaurants without ever going to Paris, or wrote about naan bread without visiting India.’
    • ‘Breads in all its variety, including Indian breads, as rotis, naans, and kulchas are called now, make a meal complete.’
    • ‘I visit bakeries and want to try everything, from Mexico's delicious tortillas served warm with butter, to Indian naan breads just from a tandoori oven.’
    • ‘Her starter was two light, succulent onion bhaji with Vegetable Kori with dinky little metal dishes of lentils and chickpeas with pilau rice and a huge naan bread.’
    • ‘The price of the meals was just under £6 and consisted of one chicken korma, one chicken tikka, two naan breads, two onion bhajis and two generous servings of pilau rice.’
    • ‘Turn spicy masala potatoes into a meal with some wilted spinach and warm naan or roti bread, or serve with seared fish or roast chicken.’
    • ‘If the sauce is poured over the kebabs, it can be served as the main dish along with naan, roti or chapatti.’
    • ‘Then there is the whole spectrum of tandoori breads, including silky roomali rotis, naans and parathas.’
    • ‘Add the naan bread, chilli, ginger and herbs and mix well.’
    • ‘Now towards the end there are nine rice styles and fourteen breads with all the usual favourites, naan, roti and paratha.’
    • ‘The naan bread should drip with garlic butter, the chicken glisten with chopped coriander and ghee.’
    • ‘Many main courses on the menu come with pilau rice or naan breads, but do ask for an alternative if you prefer (I chose plain boiled rice instead).’


From Urdu and Persian nān.