Definition of nameable in US English:



  • See name

    • ‘Reality may be socially constructed, but, taken in its totality, it is not the work of any nameable individual and it certainly has little or nothing to do with any one of us.’
    • ‘This is true as well of the work on paper, though there, nameable associations beckon more temptingly.’
    • ‘Desire, Lacan says, is for nothing nameable, since it is unconscious, not part of the consciousness language gives us.’
    • ‘There was no Broca's activation whatsoever, despite the use of readily nameable stimuli in this experiment which suggests that no sub-vocalization was occurring during the tasks.’
    • ‘Another very similar semantical paradox with this same aspect is Berry's Paradox, about ‘the least integer not nameable in fewer than nineteen syllables’.’
    • ‘But there may be better and worse ways of doing this splitting of the universe into nameable parts.’
    • ‘At the back of all the atrocities are nameable individuals who decide to perpetrate them - generally, in order to preserve their own wealth and power or at one remove the wealth of their masters.’
    • ‘So is the pervasive autumnal, slightly melancholy mood of his pictures, like nostalgia for something not quite nameable.’