Definition of naked eye in US English:

naked eye


usually the naked eye
  • Unassisted vision, without a telescope, microscope, or other device.

    ‘threadworm eggs are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye’
    • ‘But the idea of looking up and seeing Mars in the heavens with the naked eye is just incredible with its dominance.’
    • ‘He observed the stars with the naked eye because the telescope had not yet been invented.’
    • ‘Too small to see with the naked eye, dust mites resemble their distant relatives, spiders and ticks.’
    • ‘The deliverances of the microscope about the table are not in conflict with the deliverances of the naked eye.’
    • ‘For almost all of human existence, we've been limited to staring at the night sky with naked eyes.’
    • ‘Beams of radio waves can induce auroralike light, but emissions have been too faint to detect with the naked eye.’
    • ‘There is a great deal going on in the world that cannot be seen with the naked eye.’
    • ‘We can only do sample testing, in most cases with the naked eyes only.’
    • ‘It may be visible from the ground with a telescope and, in some cases, with the naked eye.’
    • ‘It will be just a small ball of cells, and you can hardly see with the naked eye.’
    • ‘As of now, with the naked eye, security is the exactly the same as we usually see it in that airport.’
    • ‘Also, experts warned not to watch the eclipse with naked eyes.’
    • ‘Up until the last few hundred years until the discovery of the telescope there were only 6,000 stars seen by the naked eye.’
    • ‘They can be anywhere from too small to be seen with the naked eye to as big as the chips thrown out by a chainsaw.’
    • ‘Telescopes, binoculars, cameras and naked eyes all strained seawards to catch a glimpse of these huge creatures that had invaded the Cornish coast.’
    • ‘The faint tint of orange, no longer blinding white, is visible with the naked eye.’
    • ‘There were seven major heavenly bodies visible to their naked eyes (Sun, Moon and five planets), so an astrological week grew up with each day guided by a planet.’
    • ‘The caveat is that the apparent complexity of a maze should not be judged by a naked eye, but rather with the mind's eye.’
    • ‘Viewing the planet with naked eyes can burn the retina.’
    • ‘Certain fragments of the scrolls were so degraded that the ink was impossible to see with the naked eye.’