Definition of nailhead in US English:



  • 1The rounded head of a nail.

    • ‘If you can't pry out the nails without further damaging the wall, use the snips to cut the bead from around the nailheads.’
    • ‘Philadelphia cabinetmakers soon eliminated the nailhead problem by sliding the bottom boards into grooves cut into the drawer sides.’
    • ‘He scraped his toe on an old nail head sticking out of the boards.’
    • ‘Sand clear down to the nail head, then sand the nail head itself to remove the built-up rust.’
    • ‘This is a matter of personal preference, although adhesive has the advantage of eliminating visible nailheads and reducing nail pops.’
    • ‘The most common nail head is flat, giving you a bigger target for the hammer, or countersunk, also called a sinker, which is flat on top and slightly tapered on the bottom.’
    • ‘Search out any protruding nail heads and countersink them with a nailset.’
    • ‘Too often chips fly from steel chisels, or nailheads break off.’
    • ‘There are still a few rough edges and nailheads sticking out here and there, but I'm quite pleased with how the site came out.’
    • ‘Slip the flange of the roof cap under the shingles above it, nail it to the roof, and seal the nailheads with roofing cement.’
    1. 1.1 An ornament like the head of a nail, used chiefly in architecture and on clothing.
      • ‘Press the nail heads, pearl studs and other embellishments of your choice into the uncured Gold and Copper clays surrounding the image transfers.’
      • ‘In the 17th century, nail heads were considered as decorative and were arranged in ornamental patterns.’
      • ‘The furniture incorporates natural branches and logs, along with brass nailheads; fabrics feature moose and fish prints mixed with solid leathers.’
      • ‘Their interpretation of the traditional oval-armchair appears fresh in a creamy finish with raffia upholstery and nailhead trim.’
      • ‘Some of the great sparkling looks came in tiny swimsuits or two-piece bikinis studded with silver nail heads including crocheted white suits.’
      • ‘The addition of bakeable embellishments such as pearls, charms and nail heads completes the effect.’