Definition of nachos in US English:


plural noun

  • A dish of tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and often also other savory toppings.

    ‘he made us nachos and chicken fajitas’
    • ‘The door slid open and a wave of loud music as well as the smell of pizza and over cooked nachos hit them like a brick wall.’
    • ‘Entrées come with mixed greens, soup, nachos or pasta salad.’
    • ‘By now, the fans have had their fill of burgers, fries, pizza, wings and nachos.’
    • ‘A dream come true for all junk-food lovers with pizzas, burgers, nachos and nuggets.’
    • ‘Paul scooped up a nacho, covered in meat and cheese and popped it into his mouth, scooting the plate closer to me.’
    • ‘It can also be used in various recipes like nachos, fajitas, quesadillas and fondues.’
    • ‘The wind was blowing softly, carrying with it the scent of nachos and hamburgers.’
    • ‘The menu includes nachos, Cajun spicy chicken, Mexican salad, curries and pasta.’
    • ‘Other, less heart-stopping side dishes, are the nachos with salsa or the respectable, but not great, clam chowder.’
    • ‘Not all cafes serve food, but the ones who do have snacks that consist of nachos and cheese, chips, and cake.’
    • ‘Revellers enjoyed tables strewn with chocolates, cigars and flowers as well as the less traditionally romantic fare of pizza and nachos.’
    • ‘Take those nachos, French fries and cinnamon rolls off the menu.’
    • ‘Place the nachos on a baking sheet and place into the oven.’
    • ‘In rebellion, Fin grabbed a nacho from the appetizer plate and shoved it in his mouth.’
    • ‘Tacos, quesadillas, tamales, nachos and other side dishes are available for under four bucks.’
    • ‘This is colourful salsa that is great with corn fritters, burritos and nachos - to name but a few.’
    • ‘Or make nachos with refried black beans, baked tortilla chips and salsa.’
    • ‘Ordering burgers, wings, even nachos shows you aren't a hung-up girly girl.’
    • ‘Use the crisp corn tortillas in dishes such as tacos and nachos.’
    • ‘Finally, after three orders of nachos, five pizzas, three club sandwiches, and a salad, I got my order.’


1940s: perhaps from Mexican Spanish Nacho, pet form of Ignacio, the first name of the chef credited with creating the dish. An alternative derivation is from Spanish nacho ‘flat-nosed’.