Definition of mythologizer in US English:


(British mythologiser)


  • See mythologize

    • ‘Victor and Adrian are already defeated, but they function as mythologizers and this is a crucial role in the maintenance of a sustaining sense of Indian identity.’
    • ‘Even now, when interviewing astute observers of the region, it becomes rapidly clear that to talk about the South is to speak with southern mythologizers, southern debunkers, southern redeemers, and southern reinventors.’
    • ‘The effect has been to objectify these occupations and give short shrift to their mythologizers.’
    • ‘Painter of bush battlers and mythologiser of the small settler, he has long been one of Australia's most popular artists.’
    • ‘Flynn was a humanitarian, a visionary of modern medical care, a mythologiser of the frontier, a man who was quick to point out injustice to Aboriginal people, and slow to do anything about it in his own institutions.’