Definition of myrobalan in US English:



  • 1

    another term for purple-leaf plum
  • 2A tropical tree of a characteristic pagoda shape, which yields a number of useful items including dye, timber, and medicinal products.

    Genus Terminalia, family Combretaceae: several species, in particular T. chebula

    1. 2.1 The fruit of the myrobalan tree, used especially for tanning leather.
      • ‘It consists of three myrobalans or fruits each having the property to regulate each of the respective Tridoshas.’
      • ‘Around 78 000 to 100 000 tonnes of myrobalan nuts are estimated to be produced annually.’
      • ‘The dried fruit is also known as the black myrobalan of ancient commerce and at one time was exported to Europe for the production of ink.’


Late Middle English: from French myrobolan or Latin myrobalanum, from Greek murobalanos, from muron ‘unguent’ + balanos ‘acorn’.