Definition of myotis in US English:



  • An insectivorous bat with a slender muzzle, and a flight membrane that extends between the hind legs and the tip of the tail.

    Genus Myotis, family Vespertilionidae: numerous species, including the little brown myotis (M. lucifugus), one of the most common and widespread bats in the US and Canada

    Also called mouse-eared bat
    • ‘We have been pleased to note sustained growth in population numbers of both the cave myotis and the endangered lesser long-nosed bat.’
    • ‘We never observed the raccoon take an Indiana myotis, but predation was the likely intent, given that raccoons are known predators on bats.’
    • ‘Diets of little brown myotis and eastern pipistrelles were highly diverse.’
    • ‘He had taken the form of a small bat during his lesson, a long-eared myotis according to his teacher.’
    • ‘Eighty-five northern myotis yielded 2 species of mites and one species of true bug.’


Modern Latin, based on Greek mus, mu- ‘mouse’.