Definition of myomorph in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See Myomorpha

    • ‘If this is true, then it indicates that caviomorphs are not closely related genetically to the myomorphs and should be recognized as a different order.’
    • ‘Testes in male myomorphs are relatively large and present in a scrotum, whereas male guinea pigs and chinchillas do not have a true scrotum and the testes lie in the inguinal canal.’
    • ‘During a comparative survey among small mammals, I found that ultrasounds were produced by the young of all species of myomorph rodents studied.’
    • ‘Most of these are myomorphs - mice, rats and their relatives - a group that radiated explosively in the past 20 million years.’
    • ‘Three jaw muscle patterns, sciuromorph, myomorph, and hystricomorph are often used to designate major taxonomic divisions of the rodents.’