Definition of my heart bleeds (for you) in US English:

my heart bleeds (for you)


  • Used ironically to express the speaker's belief that the person spoken about does not deserve the sympathetic response sought.

    ‘“I flew out here feeling tired and overworked.” “My heart bleeds for you!” she replied’
    • ‘Oh how my heart bleeds for those poor workers that got nearly all their ‘entitlements’ courtesy of the taxpayer after years in a union-sheltered workshop.’
    • ‘Well, my heart bleeds over a journalist complaining about someone else only printing half the story.’
    • ‘Aw, bless you poor thing, my heart just bleeds, love!’
    • ‘I mean, your heart just bleeds for the chap in the photograph, doesn't it?’
    grieve, ache, sorrow, be sorrowful, be sad, mourn, be mournful, be distressed, be in distress, be miserable, lament, feel, suffer, agonize, anguish, be in anguish
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