Definition of my good woman in US English:

my good woman


  • A patronizing form of address to a woman.

    ‘you're mistaken, my good woman’
    • ‘Little Snow-white looked out of the window and called out, ‘Good-day my good woman, what have you to sell?’’
    • ‘Then Judge Tyler stepped forward: ‘What would you say, my good woman, if I were to tell you that Patrick Henry fled with the rest of us?’’
    • ‘‘Very well, my good woman; I know what is proper,’ replied I, assuming an important air.’
    • ‘He examined them all, lifted them up and smelled them, and said at last: ‘This jam seems good, weigh me four ounces of it, my good woman; and even if it's a quarter of a pound I won't stick at it.’’
    • ‘‘Wait a bit, my good woman,’ says he, ‘and see what I have to say to you when I get home.’’
    • ‘The soldiers looked up and replied, ‘Stone soup, my good woman, a wondrous dish and so, so much better if we were to have a single onion or two to drop herein!’’
    • ‘And Marushka said, ‘Oh, my good woman, how can I go home when my father is unhappy with me?’’
    • ‘Now, my good woman, could you be so kind as to tell us where the inn of this quaint town is?’
    • ‘Mr. Fogg took out the twenty guineas he had just won at whist, and handed them to the beggar, saying, ‘Here, my good woman.’’
    • ‘But this advice comes too late for you, my dear woman, and we must deal with the situation at hand.’