Definition of muzzy in English:



  • 1Unable to think clearly; confused.

    ‘she was shivering and her head felt muzzy from sleep’
    • ‘After half an hour, the room started spinning a little, and everything felt slightly muzzy.’
    • ‘Her mouth tasted of stale air and her mind was a soft and muzzy.’
    • ‘The waking dream shattered as I started to muzzy consciousness.’
    • ‘As I was a bit tired and muzzy by that time, I simply told him it was harmless by the time he received it.’
    • ‘He was trapped in a cloudy daze, his head thick and muzzy, thoughts struggling slowly through it as if wading through a pool of molasses.’
    • ‘Around and around she spun, gazing into his black eyes, her head spinning, her mind strangely muzzy.’
    • ‘I was bit muzzy in town, what with the sickness, but what I really noticed above all else in town was the smell.’
    • ‘She buried her face in her pillow and searched her muzzy brain for what she was supposed to do that day.’
    • ‘Another soft chuckle in his ear lulled him into muzzy delirium and after a few minutes of not being sure what exactly was happening, he fell asleep.’
    • ‘And in the morning, you'll be carrying a muzzy head, and I'll get no sense from you.’
    • ‘A hand gently touched me, just enough to wake me into muzzy consciousness.’
    • ‘Max frowned confusedly and she felt guilt overwhelm her as she realized how muzzy he was.’
    • ‘Mercifully, the soccer star leaned back and stared at the wall above her head, deep in his muzzy thoughts.’
    • ‘This morning I think Debbie was all for staying in to nurse a bit of a muzzy head but I insisted we get out and about.’
    • ‘He talked into the phone; though judging by the muzzy look on his face, he probably had no idea what he was even saying.’
    • ‘Blinking away the muzzy feeling she left in his head, he directed his attention to his smirking Second Lieutenant.’
    • ‘I blinked to muzzy awareness, licked dry lips and tried to rub bleary eyes, only to be brought up short by the restraints and a lance of pain through my wounds.’
    • ‘By the end of the evening he was feeling rather muzzy, and shuffled back to his room with Alvar, intending to go straight to sleep.’
    • ‘Feeling muzzy, I turn towards the keypad where the code to get in is meant to be punched in.’
    • ‘Her head felt muzzy and everything was so unclear… was that thunder she heard in the distance?’
    groggy, light-headed, faint, dizzy, shaky, confused, muddled, fuddled, befuddled, addled, befogged
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    1. 1.1Not thought out clearly; vague.
      ‘society's muzzy notion of tolerance’
      • ‘And I realised that my muzzy warm self-regard was only made possible because I had in fact faced very few real moments of moral import.’
      • ‘Yet while the right remains banished to the periphery of Scottish politics, the left has proven unable to create a narrative around its own hegemony, beyond aspirations towards the muzzy concept of social justice.’
      • ‘The show lacks sharp wit, but, most of all, it lacks a sharp intellect - it just full of muzzy, undirected emotion.’
      • ‘I don't really know what we were thinking that night: it was a strange muzzy memory to me when I tried to recall where we went and what we did.’
  • 2Blurred; indistinct.

    ‘a slightly muzzy picture’
    ‘the bass and drums are, even on CD, appallingly muzzy’
    • ‘I rubbed my eyes, still muzzy from fatigue, and followed them.’
    • ‘We walk out of the club, and into the muzzy darkness of the City at night.’
    • ‘All I found on the card, though, was a slightly muzzy shot of her sitting on the dining table in the caravan on our first full day, surveying her new, temporary quarters.’
    • ‘As I slipped into the muzzy darkness bordering on nothing, I thought I felt a soft paw on my shoulder.’
    • ‘He pulled his hood over his head, and followed her out into the hallway, his head still pounding slightly and his vision was muzzy at the corners.’
    blurred, blurry, fuzzy, unfocused, unclear, indistinct, ill-defined, woolly, foggy, hazy, faint
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Early 18th century: of unknown origin.