Definition of muttonchops in US English:


(also muttonchop whiskers)

plural noun

  • The whiskers on a man's cheek when shaped like a meat chop, narrow at the top and broad and rounded at the bottom.

    • ‘But all that changed after Jason grew out his mutton chops, bought a straw hat, and started sleeping with Neil's girlfriend!’
    • ‘In the good old days, mutton chops were both a cut of meat and a style of whiskery adornment.’
    • ‘Well put, but I can definitively state that I have no mutton chops.’
    • ‘At about the same time thousands of Austrians with unattractive mutton chops, beer bellies and thick sunglasses will mourn their leader.’
    • ‘It wasn't only the wig, they'd put on the mutton chops as well, and the costume.’
    • ‘I think… no, it can't be… oh lord, he's growing mutton chops.’
    • ‘Not nude, but the mutton chops are swell; he's like a luscious pinup from another lifetime.’
    • ‘And not only did the freakout guitarist have a killer pair of striped pants, he was sporting some awesome 1973 mutton chops that really got the good times flowing.’
    • ‘But I'm fine now, growing the biggest mutton chops you've ever seen, but fine.’
    • ‘He wore a blue, faux rhinestone encrusted jumpsuit, huge sunglasses, and some of the shaggiest mutton chops I had seen in my life.’
    • ‘And when you look at historic pictures, guys had mutton chops, mustaches, beards.’
    facial hair, whiskers, stubble, designer stubble, five o'clock shadow, bristles
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