Definition of mutability in US English:



  • Liability or tendency to change.

    ‘the incessant mutability of species’
    ‘the very diversity of his fans suggest his mutability’
    • ‘This scale assesses emotional stability: high scores indicate maturity and calmness; low scores indicate emotional mutability and greater susceptibility to feelings.’
    • ‘These problems of cost must be solved if any mechanism to increase general mutability is to persist.’
    • ‘He criticizes the author for underestimating the mutability and interpenetration of cultures.’
    • ‘Darwin had been aware since 1837 that the creationist doctrine of fixed species would crumble if only he could find extreme mutability within one species.’
    • ‘They are claiming an immutable state when their behavior shows extreme mutability.’
    • ‘On waking he laments the mutability of human affairs.’
    • ‘Sellers translated his vocal mutability into a visual variety, applying wigs and fake noses, playing old men and women, and creating a new kind of stardom.’
    • ‘Hay's dances celebrate mutability; the performers can choose their gender each time.’
    • ‘The mutability suggested by those two comments seemed all too familiar.’
    • ‘Over the past 10 years, experimental observations have suggested that bacteria might be able to alter their mutability purposefully in response to stress.’