Definition of mustachioed in US English:


(also moustachioed)


  • Having a mustache, typically a long or elaborate one.

    ‘the mustachioed Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot’
    • ‘The star performance comes from Stiller as a posing, moustachioed fitness guru.’
    • ‘The other 4 guys are all merrily chatting away with the moustachioed bartender in the denim shirt.’
    • ‘With his bow-tied, moustachioed, immaculate turnout he seemed a figure from a bygone age.’
    • ‘The combative, moustachioed Italian is widely recognised as one of the world's leading experts on human fertility.’
    • ‘Eventually a mustachioed commander, escorted by several soldiers, came out to have a little talk with us.’
    • ‘Inside, a sinewy, mustachioed fellow is tinkering with one of the machines.’
    • ‘In the cobbled backstreets mustachioed old men in tweed jackets and gaiters drive decorated carts at breakneck speeds.’
    • ‘He is moustachioed, carries a roll of papers in his right hand, and has his left hand posed on his hip.’
    • ‘Ahead of me, a moustachioed middle-aged man is peddling toward me.’
    • ‘Thing is, he's an overweight, greasy, moustachioed white guy.’