Definition of muskmelon in US English:



  • An edible melon of a type that has a raised network of markings on the skin. Its many varieties include those with orange, yellow, green, or white juicy flesh.

    • ‘Cantaloupe melons are also known as musk melons and are an excellent source of vitamin A and beta carotene.’
    • ‘In a blender or a food processor purée musk melon along with ginger and mint leaves.’
    • ‘Water melons and musk melons not only have an alkalizing effect on the body but also provide the body with essential fluids that it needs for performing various tasks.’
    • ‘I don't think we will plant watermelon again as it takes up quite a bit of room and we prefer many of the musk melons and would rather devote room to them.’
    • ‘Netted melons, popularly called cantaloupes by Americans, are actually musk melons.’