Definition of musicologist in US English:



  • An expert in or student of music as an academic subject, as opposed to someone trained in performance or composition.

    • ‘Understandably, the authorship of the toccata has long been a puzzle to musicologists.’
    • ‘This has been for years touted as the definitive Prokofieff Second by a good many musicologists and record collectors.’
    • ‘As a musicologist, Lily is naturally fascinated that this humble girl could know such obscure tunes.’
    • ‘Even respected musicologists perpetuated the story that all of his music sounds more or less the same.’
    • ‘A pioneer musicologist, he is known for his editions of Handel, Corelli, and other Baroque composers.’
    • ‘For most of his career he was an executive with BBC Radio; but he was also a musicologist of distinction.’
    • ‘At the time he died he seemed to be on the threshold of a distinguished career as a thinker and musicologist.’
    • ‘Musicologists have long been intrigued by his difficult, inventive and erudite music.’
    • ‘A noted musicologist whose interests include medieval music and Tudor keyboard music, he has written many choral pieces.’
    • ‘For decades, critics and musicologists had struggled to define "American music."’