Definition of music stand in English:

music stand


  • A rack or light frame on which written or printed music is supported.

    • ‘A music stand is positioned just inside the open doorway where sunlight shines through and onto the pages of Handel's ‘The Messiah.’’
    • ‘‘Well children, it's the day we've all been waiting for,’ the choir director said from behind a music stand.’
    • ‘The duo also performs entirely from memory, which allows them to establish an extra rapport with their audience, free from music stands and scores.’
    • ‘As everyone stared in bemusement at the departing band members, Max sidled quickly over to the area they had occupied and scrutinized the music stand that the band leader had been using.’
    • ‘Nicole placed the first copy of the solo she had written for the play on the music stand and began to play it, stopping in places that needed fixing and marking them so that she could work on them more.’
    • ‘A music stand rested in the third corner with a flute and violin on stands nearby.’
    • ‘I sat up as if I had just realized the music stand was made of spiders.’
    • ‘Clark, who had been fiddling with a music stand, looked at his brother.’
    • ‘She took out her folder with her music and placed on the music stand.’
    • ‘There was even a music stand in the corner and a shelf for my violin right next to it.’
    • ‘There was no music on the music stand, which was engraved with vines and ivy.’
    • ‘He looked at the object that had fallen on him; a music stand.’
    • ‘Just then, there was the sound of a baton tapping loudly against a music stand.’
    • ‘Members also presented Mike with an inscribed music stand.’
    • ‘He's wandered off looking for something - I think it was a lighter - and you hear him fall over a music stand.’
    • ‘He took a few sheets of music out, and neatly set them on the music stand in front of him.’
    • ‘When I visited, the only thing he did that suggested he might have some brain cells functioning somewhere in there was that he'd point to a guest book on a little music stand and indicate that I should sign it.’
    • ‘None of them had music stands or charts in front of them - which, given the intricacy and complexity of some of this stuff, would have been unheard of if a North American group were to perform this material.’
    • ‘The photographer's composition is like music, achieving balances and contrasts worthy of the sonata poised on the music stand.’
    • ‘Could you pass me the sheet of paper on the music stand, please?’


music stand

/ˈmjuzɪk ˌstænd//ˈmyo͞ozik ˌstand/