Definition of museology in US English:



  • The science or practice of organizing, arranging, and managing museums.

    • ‘The approach is to encourage an active, informal and highly communicative visual experience, and long terms goals include curatorship and museology training exchanges between France and South Africa.’
    • ‘This enormous exhibition would please the Master of Suspense himself, who would undoubtedly approve of its dramatic presentation, which owes more to theatre design than traditional museology.’
    • ‘The exhibition asks us to question the validity and wisdom of conventional museology, and it does so with style and wit.’
    • ‘The new museology demands that curators create visual and textual structures that address the broadest range of viewers as honestly and profoundly as possible.’
    • ‘There were important contributions as well to anthologies on African arts and museology, such as Ways of the Rivers and Collectors: Expressions of Self and Other.’
    • ‘He was excited too, by the opportunity of returning to teaching in the College's museology programme.’
    • ‘The Government Museum, Chennai, organised a seminar on recent trends in museology, as part of its 151st anniversary celebration.’
    • ‘But from an aesthetic point of view, the most significant side effect is to be seen in the growing debates around museology.’
    • ‘The proposed legislation for the museum service in our province strikes at a fundamental tenet of museology by removing control from trustees and placing it in the hands of a politically appointed council.’
    • ‘From this bare outline of content it is clear that his scope ranges from painting to a wider investigation of architecture, urbanism, and museology.’
    • ‘He developed a scholarly training program and stimulated the growth of museum collections and the fields of anthropology, art history, and museology in Belgium.’
    • ‘But this volume considerably expands our understanding by widening the regional sphere of comparison and by taking on board issues of secrecy, cultural heritage and museology.’