Definition of museological in US English:



  • See museology

    • ‘Within state and regional museums, policies for cultural repatriation and consultation with indigenous communities have contributed to a museological reinterpretation of colonial histories.’
    • ‘Its ambition is at once museological, architectural and urban, since it involves enlarging and modernising the Louvre Museum and the Decorative Arts Museum, setting off the palace to advantage and opening up the whole towards the city.’
    • ‘In looking at the work of the Cultural Centre in more detail, we can reassess some of the museological presumptions often made by analysts working in or alongside Euro-American metropolitan museums.’
    • ‘The museological essays address the institution's mission, exhibition philosophy, history, and issues of ethics and repatriation.’
    • ‘His most important museological legacy is the strong tradition of using the Harvard mineral collection for scientific research, even to the extent of sacrificing rare and valuable specimens to destructive analysis.’