Definition of muscularity in US English:



  • See muscular

    • ‘Pinot Noir can turn out wines with a frailty that belies their name, while the bland-looking Pinot Gris has the capacity for decidedly emphatic dry white wines that are big and generous in flavour and muscularity.’
    • ‘Soon after researchers found that creatine helped athletes increase muscularity and strength, thousands of individuals began taking it with juice.’
    • ‘As a competitor, my job is to build the most muscular body possible, and that means I need both overall muscle mass and individual muscularity.’
    • ‘The advantages of the stumpy standup rods and harness is that playing of a heavyweight fish becomes a real contest of endurance and technique, rather than muscularity and brute strength.’
    • ‘Men should remember that muscularity is not masculinity and that self-esteem is not built on a six-pack of abdominal muscles.’