Definition of muscleman in US English:



  • A large, strong man, especially one employed to protect someone or to intimidate people.

    ‘there were three musclemen positioned outside his HQ's entrance’
    ‘he needed two musclemen to lift him from his chair’
    • ‘First appearing on screen in 1918, Tarzan was the original Hollywood muscleman.’
    • ‘The 33-years-old muscleman, fire-eater and stripper's career is going from strength to strength, and the former structural engineer is taking advantage of his fame while it lasts.’
    • ‘There are also the traditional mil zourkhaneh, heavy Indian clubs with which musclemen do exercises that would wrench most people's arms from their sockets.’
    • ‘Big, oily, musclemen everywhere can't stop lubing up just thinking about him.’
    • ‘The point is the musclemen of that era thought more about the totality of their physiques than bodybuilders do today.’
    • ‘Part of the Indian political system is controlled by musclemen, crooked corporate chieftains and other scoundrels.’
    • ‘But interestingly enough, he is the very human core to the film, a strong, faithful muscleman whose basic needs match his simpleton intellect.’
    • ‘More standard festive fayre as a series of musclemen who bear more than a passing resemblance to the side of a bus come face to face in an attempt to discover who's the strongest of them all.’
    • ‘They had planned to arrive at the ceremony riding an elephant, but failed to find one in time, so settled for a horse-drawn carriage to be greeted by 200 guests and performers including dancing girls, musclemen and midgets,’
    • ‘He was a muscleman and bully and often he used to terrorize the people.’
    • ‘They were oily musclemen wearing too-tight t-shirts.’
    • ‘Sammi jumped up from her seat as two musclemen restrained her from leaving the booth.’
    • ‘The vignette, with its quartet of bare-chested musclemen around a poker table, their biceps and pectorals effectively lit by the low-hanging overhead fixture, is funny and provocative.’
    • ‘In 2001, when the women's groups first made a bid to run the weekly haat in Pipli village, local musclemen threatened to beat and kidnap them.’
    • ‘I've done a couple of adverts, whenever they needed a muscleman my agent would give me a call.’
    • ‘In the red corner sat a butch, dark-skinned, muscleman baring his teeth.’
    • ‘The musclemen who balance each other upside down on their shoulders; the acrobat who spins inside a hoop; the contortionist packed into a suitcase: these are the things that draw the audience applause.’
    • ‘But if we're destined to spend the next several years watching movies about mutants, musclemen and assorted other misfits, it'd be nice if those movies were good.’
    • ‘Finding it difficult to recover the loans, many firms and banks have been taking the help of musclemen.’
    • ‘One day, a visit from someone claiming to be his father triggers a biological reaction that turns the nerdy scientist into a 30-foot giant green muscleman with untold powers and abilities.’
    strongman, macho, macho man, iron man, hercules, atlas, samson, tarzan
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