Definition of muscadine in US English:



  • Any of a group of species and varieties of wine grape native to Mexico and the southeastern US, typically having thick skins and a musky flavor.

    Genus Vitis (section Muscadinia): several species, in particular V. rotundifolia

    • ‘On their way to a party they spotted a basket of sweet muscadine grapes at a roadside stall.’
    • ‘In the solitude of the piney trails amidst the muscadines, the spines of his stories emerge - stories that are said to ‘rage with imagery.’’
    • ‘The undergrowth is often dense with dwarf palmettos and with such vines as earleaf, saw greenbriers (both very prickly), muscadine, and summer grape, all tough on hikers.’
    • ‘They have supplied grapes to numerous other wineries within the state and been major suppliers of muscadines to area grocery stores for the fresh grape market.’
    • ‘A long, green swath of wilderness beckoned, and I eagerly began working my way through a tangle of muscadine vines and palmetto, beneath a hammock of arching live oaks.’
    • ‘Sweet muscadine grapes, blackberries, apples, jujubes and a host of other fruits will be available at these upcoming sales.’


Probably an alteration of muscatel.