Definition of murrelet in US English:



  • A small North Pacific auk (seabird), typically having a gray back and white underparts.

    Genera Brachyramphus and Synthliboramphus, family Alcidae: six species

    • ‘The combination of owl, murrelet, and riparian protection will eventually provide at least 520,000 acres of mature forest habitat.’
    • ‘A decade ago, northern spotted owls and marbled murrelets were listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act - important listings that helped bring logging on federal forests to a virtual standstill.’
    • ‘The null hypothesis was that habitat and other variables could not be used to predict the identity of a murrelet group.’
    • ‘If the murrelet is rebounding, it's because the park service wiped out native predators.’
    • ‘The marbled murrelet, a bird about the size of a robin, is the only seabird to nest in old growth forest.’
    • ‘For each option, the report weighed the effects on timber production and jobs and the viability of several old-growth species, including the owl, the marbled murrelet, salmon, and other fish species.’
    • ‘Despite that inshore foraging habit, murrelets have been likened to alcids that forage off - shore due to distance they travel between nest sites and feeding areas.’
    • ‘The Tongass supports brown bear, wolverine, northern goshawk, marbled murrelet, marten, Sitka black-tailed deer, the Alexander Archipelago wolf, and healthy runs of five salmon species.’
    • ‘Nests in the Bunster Range are within 5 km of marine areas, and have the highest nest-visitation rates yet reported for murrelets, which is thought to be linked to proximity of foraging areas.’
    • ‘Their results suggest that changes in amount or distribution of nesting habitat should result in detectable changes in murrelet numbers for individual drainages.’
    • ‘Both Kittlitz's and Marbled murrelets exhibited widely variable niche widths, depending on habitat variable or site.’
    • ‘Affinities of both Kittlitz's and Marbled murrelets for particular water clarity and habitat types seen here reflect differences in foraging preferences.’
    • ‘ESA-listed birds in Washington marine waters are the marbled murrelet, bald eagle, brown pelican, short-tailed albatross, and western snowy plover.’
    • ‘The marbled murrelet, a threatened seabird species, nests primarily in old-growth trees up to 75 kilometers from the coast.’
    • ‘The murrelet population was threatened by the rats who would eat the murrelet eggs.’
    • ‘His essay on the desultory efforts made to protect the murrelet and its nesting grounds in oldgrowth forests is particularly acute.’
    • ‘West of the crest of the Cascade Range, the area is habitat for bald eagles, marbled murrelets, spotted owls, cougars, lynx, salmon, and steelhead, which thrive among mature and second-growth forests of cedar and Douglas fir.’
    • ‘Rat predation had reduced one of the largest breeding colonies of Xantus murrelets to just a few pairs, earning the seabird a potential spot on the federal Endangered Species List.’
    • ‘Identification of potentially suitable habitat, surveys for presence, and direct protection measures are generally combined in some fashion to avoid taking murrelets.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, not enough museum material is presently available to test whether pupil sizes or any other optical characteristics of the two species of murrelets studied here differ.’