Definition of munchie in US English:



usually munchies
  • 1A snack or small item of food.

    • ‘You don't want to miss anything exciting, but can you run to the bathroom, then grab a drink and some munchies and get back to the TV before the commercials resume?’
    • ‘Just bring yourself, and some food if you want to add to the munchie session we have afterwards!’
    • ‘So expect to find sourdough bread, Iberian hams, various sausages, and top-notch anchovies appearing as breakfast munchies, tapas and, after 3pm, on the dinner menu.’
    • ‘So, after a 200-calorie munchie, you'll probably feel hunger pangs again in two hours.’
    • ‘The catering crew weaved around the room with snacks and munchies held aloft on platters.’
    • ‘Then, when I was in the mood for munchies, it took a smaller portion to mollify my sweet tooth.’
    • ‘So, next year we'll make sure there are better jokes and some more munchie food on the tables.’
    • ‘And if it is our home that family comes to, anticipation is counterbalanced by preparation, as we stock favorite foods and munchies, put out the fluffiest towels and best sheets, add flowers to the vases.’
    • ‘Then, invite your pals over for a cozy eve of viewing videos and munching munchies.’
    • ‘When that gets boring, grab some nutritionally worthless munchies (soda, chips, frozen pizza rolls, name your poison) and pop in a DVD.’
    • ‘He returned with not just a snack for himself but munchies for the girls as well.’
    • ‘Most theaters don't allow you to bring your own food in, and what's a movie without munchies?’
    • ‘It's a party at his place complete with streamers, music and munchies.’
    • ‘Trying new things can be a gamble, but it's worth the risk if it turns you on to a new favorite munchie or sport.’
    • ‘My favorite munchie food is marshmallows with chocolate sauce pored all over them…’
    • ‘Bring a waterproof, packed lunch, drink and some cash for munchies and train tickets.’
    • ‘For morning munchies and afternoon snacks, you'll find great fruit scones waiting to claim your attention.’
    • ‘When we got there we got our tickets and were standing in line for munchies when I suddenly saw her.’
    • ‘I have a feeling the grandkids were far more interested in the munchies than in murder and mayhem.’
    • ‘Sunday afternoon, three hours until Grand Prix and I realise I really have to get my shopping done so I have food for the week and munchies for the race.’
    1. 1.1the munchies A sudden strong desire for food.
      ‘these camping trips always give me the munchies’
      • ‘Even at one in the morning a handful of them were milling about up and down the aisles in search of the perfect snack to cure their munchies.’
      • ‘When I commute, the evening munchies are almost overwhelming!’
      • ‘When I get home I often get the munchies late at night and so a midnight snack would be something delicious like grilled cheese and French fries.’
      • ‘Ever wonder why marijuana smokers get the munchies?’
      • ‘Maybe that's not such a good idea, we think he eats a lot now, wait ‘till he has the munchies.’
      • ‘You got the munchies, look at you, junk food junkie’
      • ‘And the biggest trend in the supermarket is for proportioned snacks designed to make sure the munchies don't overpower your willpower.’
      • ‘For an unexpected attack of the munchies a wide range of cereals are provided for you to help yourself.’
      • ‘Snacks to keep the munchies at bay are another important addition.’
      • ‘Also, fill baggies with your fave snacks so you'll have stuff to nibble on when you get the munchies (pack enough to share).’
      • ‘The theory is that a little something extra before bed might stave off the midnight munchies.’
      • ‘I'm finding that in the afternoons, when I think I'm getting the munchies, a hard candy is satisfying me instead of a bag of chips.’
      • ‘Today, I used my own organic soup to help me get through the mid-afternoon munchies.’
      • ‘But if you get the munchies, you might want to stock up.’
      • ‘I always get the munchies at work late in the afternoon.’
      • ‘If I can't take a nap, I drink a large glass of ice water, which keeps me hydrated and fights off the munchies.’
      • ‘Having my boss show up to work an hour late with a massive case of the munchies.’