Definition of mumpish in US English:



dated, informal
  • Sullen; sulky.

    • ‘The piece on the sonnets has a lovely description of a sonnet's action, but descends into mumpish fact and opinion, like lecture notes put into a compactor.’
    • ‘Most of all, I despise his complete obliviousness to the fact that anyone who has spent much time wading through the pious, obscurantist, jargon-filled cant that now passes for ‘advanced’ thought in the humanities already knows that his advocates are an amalgamation of hopeless cutthroats, mumpish criticasters, and other incoherent subversive-types.’
    • ‘Bring on the Wodehouse, I say, that sovereign remedy for any mumpish disharmony of mood.’
    • ‘I've even learned to look past her attempts to create an unwelcome climate for those of us who are striving to take steps against the whole mumpish brotherhood of fatuous nincompoops.’
    sullen, sulky, gloomy, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, in a bad mood, dour, surly, sour, glum, moody, unsmiling, humourless, uncommunicative, taciturn, unresponsive, unsociable, scowling, glowering, ill-humoured, sombre, sober, saturnine, pessimistic, lugubrious, eeyorish, mournful, melancholy, melancholic, doleful, miserable, dismal, depressed, dejected, despondent, downcast, unhappy, low-spirited, in low spirits, low, with a long face, blue, down, fed up, grumpy, irritable, churlish, cantankerous, crotchety, cross, crabbed, crabby, grouchy, testy, snappish, peevish, crusty, waspish
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Early 18th century: from obsolete mump ‘grimace, have a miserable expression’ + -ish.