Definition of multiversity in US English:



North American
  • A large university with many different departments.

    • ‘Recently, one of the many publications devoted to sorting and ranking colleges and universities named a campus in my home multiversity as the ‘most beautiful in the nation.’’
    • ‘As the twentieth century drew to a close, the idea of the multiversity proved to have additional problems.’
    • ‘Against the backdrop of tremendous socio-economic change, expanding enrolments, the development of the multiversity and student radicalism, he singled out higher learning as a stabilizing force.’
    • ‘The new multiversity, as he named the complex, was also being transformed into a knowledge industry.’
    • ‘But it held onto aspects of the critique of the multiversity and student passivity from its headier past.’
    • ‘Forget the university, here comes the lopsided multiversity.’
    • ‘It's not a traditional university - it's a multiversity as it has many dimensions to it, not just one.’
    • ‘The multiversity has said it would provide economic development, social and medical healing, truth, beauty, and, for the young, freedom and social mobility.’
    • ‘The concept of the multiversity is alive and strong today, and for that matter is a paradigm that is rarely questioned.’


Early 20th century: from multi- + a shortened form of university.