Definition of multitalented in US English:



  • Having many skills or talents.

    ‘a multitalented musician and songwriter’
    • ‘Among the many cool things about this party was having my picture drawn by the multitalented Miss Harper.’
    • ‘She is an actress, producer and a multitalented star.’
    • ‘Find out more about this multi-talented creationist by reading her biography on our site.’
    • ‘Suffice to say, this thoroughly independent director, who refused to be swayed by commercial considerations, was a multi-talented artist.’
    • ‘Sheehan is a Carnival regular, a multi talented musician with a great sense of wit.’
    • ‘Basingstoke native David Allard, who you may have seen in local theatrical productions in the past, is certainly multi-talented.’
    • ‘The festival picks up its musical theme again with a concert by the multi-talented Simeon Wood at Christchurch.’
    • ‘This multi-talented man is a force to be reckoned with.’
    • ‘That band of multi-talented musicians, Skillet, has a treat for all their fans.’
    • ‘We also have some multi-talented youngsters coming through.’
    • ‘The multitalented Johnson, in particular, was understood to have sacrificed his own scoring in order to involve teammates in a free-flowing, high-scoring offense.’
    • ‘The main character of Annie is to be played by the multi-talented Lisa Blake.’
    • ‘Self-deprecating yet multi-talented, there was more to Hamilton than he let on.’
    • ‘Noel Coward, the multi-talented British playwright, actor, songwriter raconteur, first visited Jamaica in 1944 on a two week holiday.’
    • ‘Things kick off at the Full Moon Folk Club tomorrow with an appearance by the multi-talented Chip Taylor.’
    • ‘Certified in Chinese Medicine with his forte in Acupuncture, this multi-talented Gemini followed his first passion in life, music.’
    • ‘These multitalented stars attracted the young singer to the field of pop music.’
    • ‘With the multitalented lefty, Lamar Odom, leading the way, nobody was more fun to watch last year than the Clippers.’
    • ‘Missy is a multitalented executive who has worked with everyone from Whitney Houston to Justin Timberlake.’
    • ‘Like Casey, my flatmate Joe was multi-talented.’