Definition of multiple in English:



  • 1Having or involving several parts, elements, or members.

    ‘multiple occupancy’
    ‘a multiple birth’
    • ‘The function of the banner-draped shading elements is multiple.’
    • ‘Third, there must be a causal connection between the multiple relationship and the impairment or risk.’
    • ‘The organization used quiet diplomacy to work with Ontario's bureaucrats to promote multiple use of Quetico park.’
    • ‘The inspection is based on a March 1999 agreement between the two countries to allow Washington multiple access to the suspected site.’
    • ‘There have been numerous reports of multiple voting on a large scale in the country.’
    • ‘He said the reason councillors voted against the change of use was because the premises are totally unsuitable for multiple occupancy.’
    • ‘If you require a multiple user connection you will pay €152.’
    • ‘To take one example, he says that every vaccination, single as well as multiple, carries a specific risk.’
    • ‘What follows is that you would then have different rules in relation to multiple publication in different States.’
    • ‘It is my misfortune to be living in a street in which there are several houses in multiple occupation.’
    • ‘Friends, the multiple agency bill collection system in the city, has to be the most citizen-friendly outfit of the Government.’
    • ‘Multiple cropping establishes a second crop in the same season that a first crop is harvested.’
    1. 1.1 Numerous and often varied.
      ‘words with multiple meanings’
      • ‘Non-standard usages, like multiple negation, are sometimes attacked on the same grounds.’
      • ‘The data were collected from multiple sites in the Midwest, however, which increased the reliability and generalizability of these data.’
      • ‘The online service allows customers to retrieve, at the click of a mouse, information that used to take days to collect from multiple sources.’
      • ‘The frequency of multiple mating in the population was first calculated using all clutches.’
      • ‘All the members were charged with multiple counts of armed robbery, and murder.’
      • ‘However, the risk of side effects increases when multiple medications are used.’
      • ‘Vicky had spent those four hours talking to other crew members about multiple topics; she had been extremely bored during those four hours.’
      • ‘Conversations between therapist and family members, and among multiple families began, slowly at first, and then became livelier.’
      • ‘I don't much care for members who serve on multiple boards.’
      • ‘Do-it-yourself videoconferencing may be better suited for team members who work in multiple locations.’
      • ‘Ms W complied with her daily regimen of medications but was not prepared for the multiple side effects that occurred.’
      • ‘This book, like the earlier accounts, acknowledges that multiple elements were at work in secularizing higher education.’
      • ‘Discussing each article and generating multiple perspectives from group members was very important in this process.’
      • ‘If members ask multiple questions, they run the risk of Ministers answering the parts that they regard as less important.’
      • ‘The title track, which opens the album, slowly introduces the multiple elements of this work, reverently contrasting them to establish a perfect balance of impressions.’
      • ‘The season's riches also offer a chance to see favorite actors tackling very different roles in multiple movies.’
      • ‘Because children have different learning styles and multiple ways of knowing, they must be encouraged to find the form that best fits their individual styles.’
      • ‘Thus we see multiple members of Congress talking about the Social security ‘surplus’.’
      • ‘The financial sector is a much different story, with multiple levels of lending and intermediation dictating that analysis is at least as much art as science.’
      • ‘Today, many children are being raised by multiple partners in different environments other than the home, including child care centers.’
      • ‘Even when larger corporate aircraft arrive, staff are obliged to use only small vans, requiring multiple trips to collect passengers and crew.’
      • ‘No other hockey family can make that claim, and neither can any family with multiple members in the baseball, basketball, or football halls.’
      • ‘Beard and Quann collected multiple medals in 1996 and 2000, respectively.’
      numerous, many, various, different, diverse, several, sundry, miscellaneous, manifold, multifarious, multitudinous, compound, collective
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    2. 1.2 (of a disease, injury, or disability) complex in its nature or effects, or affecting several parts of the body.
      ‘a multiple fracture of the femur’
      • ‘Her mother had bled to death from multiple injuries including a severed foot.’
      • ‘The 18-year-old is in the intensive care unit of the Royal Oldham Hospital with multiple injuries.’
      • ‘None of the biopsies of these patients showed multiple infections.’
      • ‘She was taken to the Great Western Hospital with multiple injuries but according to police they were not life threatening.’
      • ‘A jogger eyewitness ran to call an ambulance, but the pensioner died from multiple injuries before reaching hospital.’
      • ‘This study demonstrates that multiple infections are present in patients with active tuberculosis in a high-incidence setting.’
      • ‘He was treated for multiple fractures and head injuries and was initially critically ill and fighting for his life.’
      • ‘Patients with multiple injuries or altered mental status, including intoxication, were not included in the study.’
      • ‘However, in the absence of HIV testing of all patients, we cannot exclude HIV as a mechanism enabling multiple infection.’
      • ‘Each of the patients had a history of multiple asthma exacerbations that often required systemic corticosteroids for control.’
      • ‘COPD is a complex respiratory disease causing multiple symptoms and therefore significant difficulty for patients.’
      • ‘Medications are powerful, but potentially dangerous in the treatment of multiple diseases in elderly individuals.’
      • ‘In 2002 our intensive care unit cared for 183 unconscious patients with multiple injuries and experienced this clinical dilemma every other day.’
      • ‘Heart failure is a complex syndrome that affects multiple organ systems and has a great impact on the lifestyle of patients.’
      • ‘A woman who was sitting in the front seat was taken to St James' Hospital suffering from multiple injuries.’
      • ‘He suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries from which he could not survive.’
      • ‘Several were left with spinal injuries and multiple fractures.’
      • ‘These competitors were identified as multiple injury victims.’
      • ‘As he tried to separate two bulls that were fighting, he was knocked over and trampled, receiving multiple injuries including fractures to his ribs and spine.’
      • ‘A child who suffered multiple injuries in a road traffic accident in Italy was given subcutaneous injections of nerve growth factor in a last ditch effort to save an ischaemic leg.’
    3. 1.3 Of or designating an electrical circuit that has several points at which connection can occur.


  • 1A number that can be divided by another number without a remainder.

    ‘15, 20, or any other multiple of five’
    • ‘But when poor countries export to rich ones this goes up by a multiple of five.’
    • ‘This is to make each round consist of 86 points, 1 more than a multiple of five.’
    • ‘She told me that she feels that if she doesn't take a number of steps which is a multiple of five, that she can cause some harm to come to her brother Michael.’
    • ‘After all, a multiple of 14 or 15 times operating profit is your standard newspaper rule of thumb.’
    • ‘By this time next year expect the percentage to be a multiple of that.’
    • ‘It may be a multiple of earnings or a percentage of sales or whatever.’
    • ‘Primitive Pythagorean triangles are a bit like prime numbers in that every integer is either prime or a multiple of a prime.’
    • ‘It is affecting people who are struggling, and wondering how they can ever buy a house on their income when land prices have gone to a multiple of three or four times the average wage.’
    • ‘Is the total amount of cash on hand a multiple of 3?’
    • ‘Any other number that leaves a remainder of 0 when divided by 7 must be a multiple of 7, so it can't be a prime.’
    • ‘But if the hospital were sold it would fetch a multiple of that figure.’
    • ‘Each line is obtained by adding a certain multiple of its predecessor to the one before that.’
    • ‘However, the overall value of these firms would be a multiple of this figure.’
    • ‘The overall value of these firms, which continue to grow, is a multiple of this figure.’
    • ‘Not only does this put their own lives at risk but it increases the chances of death of a front seat occupant by a multiple of five.’
    • ‘Another statistic charts CEO pay at Fortune 100 companies as a multiple of the average pay of workers at the same firms.’
  • 2An arrangement of terminals that allows connection with an electrical circuit at any one of several points.


Mid 17th century: from French, from late Latin multiplus, alteration of Latin multiplex (see multiplex).