Definition of multilingually in US English:



  • See multilingual

    • ‘Simultaneously, transferable skills are acquired and practised, such as the ability to learn autonomously and to communicate and co-operate multilingually.’
    • ‘Some of us have knowledge that can enable others to browse the web multilingually, and more importantly communicate multilingually.’
    • ‘At the same time, multilingualism provides the couple with the opportunity of learning a foreign language in an everyday context and of giving their children the possibility of growing up multilingually - and this is an extremely valuable asset for the future generation with regard to increasing globalisation.’
    • ‘From Nobel Prizes in economics to Pulitzers in fiction, from a film industry that has captured the hearts of millions to a vast knowledge industry that produces the technology and content of transnational firms, India's cultural capital is produced globally, speaks multilingually, and is consumed visibly in just about every corner of the post-industrial world.’
    • ‘Several have been published multilingually, reflecting Australia's attempt to gain high moral ground as world leader of the trade liberalisation project.’