Definition of multilayer in US English:



  • Relating to or consisting of several or many layers.

    ‘a multilayer circuit board’
    • ‘To test the penetration depth of the contrast agents across multiple layers of epithelial cells, multilayer tissue constructs that have been shown to mimic the optical properties of the epithelial layer in vivo were used.’
    • ‘We are now working on a waveguide that uses multilayer mirrors instead of gold.’
    • ‘It proves its efficiency for the development of multilayer software architectures, where each layer provides a service to the upper layer.’
    • ‘Nanostructures that coherently scatter have been referred to as thin-film reflectors, multilayer reflectors, quarterwave stacks, Bragg scatterers, and diffraction gratings.’
    • ‘Not all multilayer balls have urethane covers or even the same type of urethane cover, and some are designed for tour-level swing speeds.’


  • A coating or deposit consisting of several or many layers.

    • ‘Polyelectrolyte multilayers are gel-like films of alternating layers of positively and negatively charged molecules.’
    • ‘Biochemical and imaging work has established that the storage inclusions of Gaucher cells are composed of flat layers of crystallized glucocerebroside, as well as tubular structures consisting of twisted multilayers and flat layers.’
    • ‘There has been much discussion of coating x-ray optics with graded multilayers, which, unlike conventional coatings, can exhibit moderate reflectivity at grazing angles several times the critical value.’
    • ‘These multilayers are composed of folded lipid bilayers and protein molecules, enabling the retention of the fluorescence dye.’
    • ‘The space between plates allowed the deposited peptide-lipid multilayers to be in direct contact with water vapor.’