Definition of multicopter in US English:



  • A small, typically unmanned helicopter having more than two rotors.

    ‘the possibility of new perspectives on the ocean has driven my interest in aerial imaging using multicopters’
    • ‘The 3D Robotics Y6 multicopter has been flying over vineyards in Northern California to monitor ripeness.’
    • ‘Technically, it's a multicopter rather than a quadcopter, because it has 16 rotors instead of 4.’
    • ‘These kind of shots are not easy to do with a multicopter - you have to be very proficient with one.’
    • ‘In October 2011 he made the first manned flight with an electric multicopter at an airstrip in the southwest of Germany.’
    • ‘Losing a rig like that is very painful, but losing a larger multicopter with a gimbal-mounted SLR can cost upwards of $10,000.’
    • ‘Want your plane or multicopter to fly around like a hotrod?’
    • ‘On a multicopter, it's got to slow down the counter-clockwise-spinning blades, while accelerating the clockwise-spinning-blades enough to make up the difference.’
    • ‘While you do pay a price in performance, a multicopter is the only one of the three aircraft designs that works reasonably well with blade guards.’
    • ‘The Black Knight Transformer, a so-called "multicopter," is designed to land near combat zones and then drive toward the injured soldier for others to load him or her into the vehicle.’
    • ‘This emission-free multicopter can hover and glide by changing the thrust and torque produced by 18 spinning blades.’