Definition of mulish in US English:



  • Resembling or likened to a mule in being stubborn.

    ‘Belinda's face took on a mulish expression’
    • ‘But the federation's shortsighted, almost mulish, policy of zeroing in on rank commercial stuff, with not even a trace of art or any other form of appeal, has been extremely detrimental for Indian cinema.’
    • ‘The moodiness, mischievousness and mulish recalcitrance we see in all our favorite appliances comprise much of what it means to be a human born after AD 1400.’
    • ‘Sophia set her face in a mulish expression as she cornered Mina in her parlour.’
    • ‘But since every book is acted out in the readers' imagination, a Welshman could claim that Mrs. Rupa Mehra, the mulish, mawkish mother in Seth's novel, was his own mother-in-law.’
    • ‘But if New Labour is a mulish defender of crazy working hours, it deserves more credit than it gets over its approach to mental illness.’
    • ‘Instead, you feel a stubborn, almost mulish insistence that this, and this alone, was exactly how each painting was always going to turn out.’
    • ‘Men come off poorly in the piece, mostly as absent confused dullards hanging around the margins of their family's lives, irritating their spouses by their mulish refusal to read minds and anticipate what needs to be done.’
    • ‘The mulish opposition that met his scheme to pull down the whole of the center of Paris and rebuild it according to his ‘rational’ and ‘advanced’ ideas baffled and frustrated him.’
    • ‘Harris wishes to convict religious belief of mulish literalism, while attacking its tenets in the most bluntly prosaic and anachronistic terms he can muster.’
    • ‘One of the things that drove me nuts about living out there was the mulish inability of city workers to realize how much they made people hate their city.’
    • ‘As usual, it boils down to the President's mulish refusal to please the French.’
    • ‘He looked at the nurse with a sort of mulish defiance.’
    • ‘But his egotism, thin-skinnedness and mulish belief that his critics are motivated by envy and party politics made him a tiresome figure in the end.’
    • ‘The horse was sublimely quiet, bordering on bored and a tad mulish.’
    • ‘When he died of lung cancer at 76, not only his music, but many doughty values died with him, never mind that he had also been childish, even mulish, often at the wrong times.’
    • ‘Howard's mulish attitude had made David seem to him more like an oppressor than someone trying to help him learn something.’
    • ‘Only a gifted leader, one who led by example and who understood the Texan makeup, could mold such mulish freemen into a cohesive team.’
    • ‘Of course this mulish inability to understand the other side characterizes elements in both parties.’
    • ‘Her voice was soft but stubborn, her mulish chin set.’
    obstinate, stubborn, stubborn as a mule, pig-headed, recalcitrant, refractory, intransigent, intractable, unyielding, inflexible, unbending, bull-headed, stiff-necked, headstrong, difficult, wilful, self-willed, cross-grained
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