Definition of mule ears in US English:

mule ears

plural noun

  • usually treated as singular A plant of the daisy family, with large oval leaves, found in the western US.

    Genus Wyethia, family Compositae: several species, including the yellow-flowered gray mule ears (W. helenioides), with gray-haired leaves and very large bracts, and the white-flowered white mule ears (W. helianthoides)

    • ‘Other species include purple fritillary, Sierra iris, crimson columbine, slim larkspur, two kinds of lupines, mosquito-bills, and woolly mule ears.’
    • ‘Regardless of how you learn, the mule ears are a great group because they grow easily and put out an abundance of flowers.’
    • ‘There are nine species of Indian paintbrush in Marin, two species of mule ears, three species of iris, two species of trillium, and five purplish larkspurs.’
    • ‘In addition to poison oak, look for the large elliptical leaves of mule-ears (Wyethia helenoides) growing here.’
    • ‘To left in front of the center group of mule ears are some blue flowers of silver lupine, lupinus argenteus.’