Definition of Mudville in English:



North american
  • Used allusively to designate the world of baseball, often with reference to a particular team and the disappointment felt after an unexpected loss.

    ‘the Astros aren't exactly the Yankees, and the unbridled joy here in Mudville South was short-lived’
    • ‘That's the MacDougall Tartan over Mudville today.’
    • ‘Emboldened by the luck of facing a baseball team from Boston in a championship, Mudville anticipates certain victory.’
    • ‘But there is no joy in Mudville: mighty Casey has struck out.’
    • ‘Joy returned to Mudville on a muggy Saturday night, perhaps only briefly, considering the lingering problems this Astros club must address.’
    • ‘The punch is gone; there'll be no joy in Mudville; the game is no longer relevant, it's no longer popping.’
    • ‘But never fear, here in Mudville we always look on the bright side of life.’


From the fictional locality in the 1888 poem Casey at the Bat, written by Ernest L. Thayer (1863–1940).