Definition of mudslinging in English:



  • The use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones, with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent.

    • ‘But Nicol Stephen, the Scottish transport minister, is said to be tiring of this regular mud-slinging and is working behind the scenes to broker a solution that will benefit all concerned.’
    • ‘However, if the passions generated by an election that has been characterized by mud-slinging and the manipulation of ethnic tensions continue to ferment, the price will be costly, irrespective of who wins the election.’
    • ‘But we want this debate to be, you know, above the level of mud-slinging, accusing people of being dishonest.’
    • ‘Tukmanov said senior government officials should help build the game from grass-roots level rather than take sides in political mud-slinging.’
    • ‘It makes me angry that the leader of the opposition, behind his endless accusations and mud-slinging at the PM, seems to be a very lazy and unimaginative individual.’
    • ‘McConnell could be forced into some further mud-slinging before this argument is over.’
    • ‘Coherent discussion is all very well, but plain nasty mud-slinging usually wins the war - as she demonstrates in her last message of this verbal battle.’
    • ‘Um… keep it up with the shrill mud-slinging, boys and girls… you'll never win another election, ever.’
    • ‘The Polish deal was marked by mud-slinging, with accusation and counter-accusation from both sides, although none has yet stuck.’
    • ‘Doer said he trusts the people of North Dakota and Manitoba won't get caught up in the political rhetoric and mud-slinging that have characterized the Devils Lake dispute.’
    • ‘There was nothing but mud-slinging, exaggerations, outright lies and immature namecalling.’
    • ‘The differences between the two parties, he said, were not of a fundamental character, despite the partisan conflicts and mud-slinging of the campaign.’
    • ‘This scathing assessment of the ruling meant that critics would have to find solid arguments to attack his work, rather than rely on mud-slinging, Mr Lomborg said.’
    • ‘It used to be that we had to wait until an election year for negative campaigning, rumor-mongering, mud-slinging, and win-at-all-cost consultants.’
    • ‘It's a cool story - theft, corruption, conspiracy theories, mud-slinging and back-stabbing.’
    • ‘He could so easily have fought this case and got involved in mud-slinging and used evidence against his victim perhaps in securing an acquittal.’
    • ‘On the platform were representatives of the UK Independence Party, Conservatives, Lib-Dems, Labour and the Greens, and the usual mud-slinging followed.’
    • ‘I found it rather crude mud-slinging instead of responsible journalism.’
    • ‘Amid the anarchy and mud-slinging of the recent ABC budget cuts, a stealth-like blow has been dealt to this nation's aspiring young journalists.’
    • ‘The mud-slinging is over and the real debate can begin.’
    condemnation, criticism, censure, castigation, denunciation, vituperation, abuse, flak, defamation, denigration, disparagement, obloquy, opprobrium, derogation, slander, revilement, reviling, calumny, calumniation, execration, excoriation, lambasting, upbraiding, a bad press, character assassination, attack, invective, libel, insults, aspersions
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