Definition of mudpuppy in US English:



  • A large aquatic salamander of the eastern US, reaching sexual maturity while retaining an immature body form with feathery external gills.

    Necturus maculosus, family Proteidae. Compare with waterdog

    • ‘The Science Center of Connecticut in West Hartford loaned a Bengal tiger, a mud puppy (a type of salamander), a period bird's egg cabinet, again without provenance, and various shells and fossils.’
    • ‘In Iowa, what many people call mud puppies are the waterdogs, the larvae of our tiger salamander.’
    • ‘If you're not into aquariums, you may not know what mud puppies are.’
    • ‘The families Sirenidae, Necturidae (mud puppy), and Amphiumidae (congo eels) occur only in the southeastern United States.’
    • ‘In his newly renovated laboratory on the second floor of the Lillie Building, Dionne is studying the sense of smell in the mud puppy, a large freshwater salamander.’
    • ‘I have kept axotyls, Mexican cave salamanders, mud puppies and once a hellbender.’