Definition of muddled in English:



  • In a state of bewildered or bewildering confusion or disorder.

    ‘misplaced suggestions and muddled thinking’
    • ‘The Resource Management (Energy and Climate Change) Amendment Bill is muddled and confusing.’
    • ‘His somewhat muddled religious beliefs and his socialist politics are founded on a bedrock of basic decency.’
    • ‘Like all Moore's movies, Fahrenheit 9/11 is somewhat muddled and self-contradictory.’
    • ‘And the contradictions which are inherent in the Executive's generally muddled thinking?’
    • ‘Things were just so muddled lately that those feelings might as well not exist.’
    • ‘The value is in the details and the graphics are very detailed, although slightly muddled.’
    • ‘Anything that is muddled, lacking in coherence, or just plain goofy can be attributed to me.’
    • ‘The next two chapters on medieval India and the Middle Ages are more muddled, perhaps due the the confusing morass of the actual history of the period.’
    • ‘His characterization of the Catholic view of salvation is a bit muddled.’
    • ‘I resolve not to be muddled in my politics in 2003.’
    • ‘If the result can become hopelessly muddled, it also yields some moments of powerful, lucid beauty.’
    • ‘I'm just following my somewhat muddled thoughts where they take me.’
    • ‘Thus began a contentious relationship that ended in mixed feelings and even more muddled messages.’
    • ‘It was rare for her to dream like that - her dreams were usually muddled and confusing, blurred and with patches of vision missing.’
    • ‘They are not the actions of a man who is muddled and confused.’
    • ‘The film isn't perfect, however, and feels rather muddled at times.’
    • ‘Her emotions were hard for the dark man to perceive, so muddled were they.’
    • ‘He gives an account of the discovery of fission that is rather muddled.’
    • ‘This confused, muddled bill is nothing more than a triumph for political correctness over sound policy.’
    • ‘My mind was too muddled to think straight.’