Definition of muddled in US English:



  • In a state of bewildered or bewildering confusion or disorder.

    ‘misplaced suggestions and muddled thinking’
    • ‘But it was too late to stop what should have been a morale-boosting victory from turning into another dispiriting, muddled mess.’
    • ‘Furthermore, even though the Summoner engine renders everything in the game, the backdrop of the sky is a bit muddled and artificial, like in Quake 3: Arena.’
    • ‘Great concept, but your source image is a little muddled.’
    • ‘Tones are tinny and muddled, dialogue often sounds muddled, and environmental noises fail to place in the sonic space.’
    • ‘Ambitious plans to invest billions of pounds in South Yorkshire could fail at the first hurdle unless muddled rail networks are sorted out first.’
    • ‘Yet we find in the nineteenth century a muddled picture, a sort of cross-pollination of positions.’
    • ‘As extra features, Sony has included two brief and uninspired EPK style featurettes and a rash of muddled and unimpressive deleted material.’
    • ‘She is dreaming of lumps of clay arrayed into the shapes of English archetypes, heading to the moon in their muddled, decent fashion.’
    • ‘I explain this muddled system to suggest that EMU doesn't have a very clear definition of basic writer.’
    • ‘Not everything works well in Crime as its second disc gets a little muddled with some incoherent and cartoonish moments of slapstick.’
    • ‘Just past the halfway mark for the season, however, things begin to get a little muddled.’
    • ‘There also seems to be broad opinion that chapters 4-14 are muddled, sometimes beyond intelligent interpretation.’
    • ‘The situation remains muddled in center field.’
    • ‘Paint from inside the boxes dripped out of the sides and made the puddles in the courtyard muddled with color.’
    jumbled, in a jumble, in a muddle, in a mess, chaotic, in disorder, in disarray, topsy-turvy, disorganized, disordered, disorderly, out of place, out of order, mixed up, upside-down, at sixes and sevens, untidy, messy, scrambled, tangled
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