Definition of muddle through in English:

muddle through

(British muddle along)

phrasal verb

  • Cope more or less satisfactorily despite lack of expertise, planning, or equipment.

    ‘we don't have an ultimate ambition; we just muddle through’
    • ‘There was I, muddling blithely along, thinking that give and take would get me and my Other Half through those rare, but bracing episodes of discord Americans refer to as ‘learning experiences’.’
    • ‘We can be Asian Welsh, Afro-Caribbean Scottish, Pakistani English, and all somehow muddle through together.’
    • ‘Yet somehow I have managed to muddle through and have not done too badly out of life.’
    • ‘All this makes for some short-term optimism, and even a feeling that we may somehow muddle through - but the longer-term odds are a different matter.’
    • ‘Both have their own special charm, but whereas Paris is all about order, London is all about muddling through.’
    • ‘I noticed this morning that London Bridge station, after years of muddling through without a logo, has gained one.’
    • ‘‘They are experts, but we just muddle along,’ said Mr Cross.’
    • ‘Restructuring will be disruptive for the top management of the industry, but it cannot afford to muddle along any longer.’
    • ‘Those of us who'd been happily muddling along for years and years were faced with a ‘for us or against us’ ultimatum from the more political of our younger brothers and sisters.’
    • ‘So there you are, muddling along with your new bog-standard toaster, when you get a surprise gift of a top-of-the-range model.’
    • ‘Under the present law there are several options, the least effective of which is to do nothing and hope those affected can muddle through.’
    • ‘All too often, gifted children have to muddle through.’
    • ‘When I left my husband I knew it would be tough and I told myself we'd have to muddle through.’
    • ‘‘We just manage to muddle through but it's a bit of a strain over seven weeks,’ says Kenny Kingshott.’
    • ‘My brain is frantically muddling through, trying to make sense of what's happening to me.’
    • ‘But generally - and I say this knowing full well that I am tempting every fate known to man - we have managed to muddle along quite well.’
    • ‘However, I have enough faith in the inherent common sense of the human race to believe that we will, as ever, just manage to muddle through.’
    • ‘Y'know you're just muddling along in a better-than-average indie band and suddenly you're proclaimed the saviours of rock-and-roll.’
    • ‘It was not a particularly happy union, though they muddled along in the end.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast guidelines for us to follow - we just have to muddle through, minds fogged by desire.’
    cope, manage, get along, get by, scrape along, scrape by, make do, make the best of a bad job
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