Definition of mud volcano in US English:

mud volcano


  • A small vent or fissure in the ground discharging hot mud.

    • ‘Money rules, even when the best entertainment around is lathering in a mud volcano.’
    • ‘Observations made can be used to deduce the extension of onshore faulting into offshore areas and the relationship or lack thereof between large-scale faulting and mud volcano activity.’
    • ‘Baratang Island, which is about 100 km by road from Port Blair, will be promoted more for its mud volcanoes and limestone caves and less for its beaches.’
    • ‘Yellowstone, in Wyoming and Montana, is famed for its geysers, hot springs and mud volcanoes; while Yellowstone, in Sierra Nevada, is noted for sheer granite cliffs and spectacular waterfalls.’
    • ‘Narrow vertical fluid and gas escape pipes are a feature of some igneous systems and have been linked to mud volcano evolution in other sedimentary basins.’
    • ‘In extreme cases, the soil particles become suspended in groundwater and the deposit reacts as a fluid giving rise to sand or mud volcanoes.’
    • ‘The mud is considered to be a potential raw material for ceramics manufacture, and physicists are investigating the effluent from the Devil's Woodyard mud volcano of central Trinidad.’
    • ‘In addition to being the largest single mud volcano yet described, this case study provides new insights into the architecture of a feeder system that connects a major volcanic cone to its source layer several kilometres below.’
    • ‘The existence of methane hydrate at the shallow depth was unexpected by the scientists and indicates, together with other supporting evidence, that the mud volcano is actively venting methane gas.’